FINALLY end the cycle of burn out, overwhelm, and hustle culture

‚úč YES please but how...

Between business or work, home life, relationships, your health, fitness it might feel like there is never time for you...

Do you find yourself in a struggling with discontent, anxiety, forgetfulness, or feeling overstimulated...

You might even wonder do I have adult adhd? hormone issues? or is this all just stress?

Are you frustrated with your lack of consistency on your goals or say things like

I have tried everything and nothing works.

I can't feel like this for another day.

I feel like I am not even doing a good job, everyone around me is as miserable as I am.

I need to fix it but I don't know how.  
If this feels like you! ūüõĎ, breathe, & click to learn the 4 hacks to Success without Willpower or Burn Out


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5 Minutes To Less Stress & Happier Day

Tools that take 30 seconds to 5 minutes to Calm & Find Your Happiness! Clinically proven best companion to crying in the bathroom. 

Happiness Cycle Academy: Signature Program

Next Round Starting June 11, 2024!  Bonuses start NOW! Using neuroscience and biohacking to create goals and habits that finally get you our of repeated burn out, overwhelm, and hustle. 

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Most people wake up and say "ugh it's Monday", but most people aren't you...

  • You¬†used to be happy and easy going
  • You knew it¬†wasn't going to be an easy road but you never imagined hating the journey

You never wanted to be the one praying for an early retirement or complaining about your kids or spouse while you rush around trying to complete your to do list and yet that is the reality. 

You are exhausted physically and mentally. 

You want to hit restart. You are thinking about different careers, a new nutrition plan, a solo vacation, a new gym where you can be yourself and not be so stressed and undervalued. 

This was me (Dr. Nicole) too. 

And in 2020 after witnessing a fellow Ironman competitor lose their life on the course, I woke up to my values of family, wholeness, and integrity. A few months later, I left my full time job as Sport Performance Coordinator and Doctor of Physical Therapy to became a full time entrepreneur. 

When I sat with friends, co workers, and clients alike that shared their hard truths as they tried to find happiness and meaning in their life, I knew it is was time to combine my doctorate in physical therapy, certifications in mindset including neurolinguistic programming and breathwork, my healing journey, and the last decade working with pro athletes to share my sustainable, achievable, and life altering protocol to find AND KEEP the happiness in your life. 

The Happiness Cycle is the foundation that we use to work with every member of Mobility Athletes. (Learn More Here)

I am ready to build the life I WANT

Join our community that is finding their way to CALM and CLARITY 5 minutes at a time!

Before work in the parking lot. On your drive home. In the driveway before you go inside. When you hate everything in your closet. When your coworker is being rude... Click here! You are only 5 minutes away from a better day! Get our free 5 minutes activity to generate a calm and clear mindset! 

When is the Happiness Cycle Happening?

Ready to be seen, heard, validated, and supported? 6 week Personal Transformation! Neuroscience meets Trauma Informed Healing + Consistency + Community




Anxiety, adrenal fatigue, depression, burn out, overwhelm

Dr. Nicole and her clients have lived, healed and learned from it all and so have her clients.

This workshop and its signature healing framework took 7 years to develop and has changed hundreds of leaders in the health, wellness, healing, and business space. 

This is an ACTIONABLE, life transforming workshop. IF YOU...
  • Want to do more, be more consistent but are exhausted and no idea how to do it¬†
  • are overwhelmed, overstimulated, and overbooked
  • love science backed healing, neuroscience, and. trauma informed care
  • know your calling is to help more people and impact the world¬†



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