We've been taught to work hard, then we will find success, and health and happiness will follow...

But what if that's not true? 

Join Us to Find Out
 👋Hey girl, I see you! 

You may be feeling tired from your career, family, or even friends. The busy schedule feels like a necessity and most days you wish you could just take a nap or a long bath. 

Do lots of people look up to you at work, at home, or in your friendships yet you always feel like you are falling short? 

Do you wish for the old you? The one that was carefree and fun instead of burnt out and overwhelmed?

 If any of the above sound like you, research shows HAPPINESS is the solution.

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The fields of neuroscience and psychology have found happiness leads to success (not hustle = happiness)

What you will learn...


The Happiness Cycle is a 5 week LIVE, ONLINE course that helps you understand the 4 simple phases of the psychology behind happiness and health AND PUT IT INTO ACTION!  

Our society teaches hustle, work hard, and embrace the hardship when the TRUTH is this is not working... look around at all the women and men that are struggling. If hard work and sucking it up were the answer, I promise you, you would be happy and healthy by NOW!  

If you are thinking, I don't want to sign up and have another thing that doesn't change anything check out these stats

  • 100% of the women who participated in the 5 week program achieved their goal. 
  • 95% of sign ups actually completed the program. (Industry standard for completion of online programs is 22%)
  • Average attendee decreases stress by 78%

We know and crave simplicity yet our brains create complexity and overwhelm easily, which is why we need...

  • Tools to remove stress from your PHYSICAL body. Which decreases pain and anxiety, improves performance, and begins to rebalance hormones. 
  • Checklist to make ALIGNED choices. No more FOMO when saying no. No more saying yes when you mean no. 

  • Identifying the INTENTION for your goals. You do not need willpower or constant motivation with our goal setting process.  

  • Exact systems for DOING THE WORK. This cycle is repeatable for the rest of your life. We help you develop the systems and habits for your continued confidence and happiness.  

What You Receive 

  • 21 Parasympathetic tools and guided sessions (recorded) to calm and heal your body
  • Workbook with weekly journaling prompts for your progression
  • 5 weekly learning modules for each phase
  • 5 coaching calls with Dr. Nicole
  • Guided visualization for goal setting 
  • Daily Group Text Support Via Voxer
  • 6 exclusive guest lectures with high level speakers & practitioners 
  • At the end of the 5 weeks, you will 3 parasympathetic you use daily, defined you purpose, 2-5 core values, your human design blueprint, 1 goal in each life bucket, 1 habit for your highest identity

PLUS VIP also receives

  • 1:1 Daily Text Coaching with Dr. Nicole
  • 2 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Dr. Nicole
  • EDMR Session with Dr. Gunjani 
  • Neuro panel testing with FDN-P Carly
YES, accountability, goals, and healing SIGN ME UP! (payment plans & VIP options below)

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The Happiness Cycle

5 week Transformation Program for Women 

Hustle, Burn out, Or Overwhelm ➡️ Success & Happiness

I am ready to leave hustle, burn out, and overwhelm. 

Should I join VIP Happiness Cycle or Standard Happiness Cycle? 

VIP is for women ready for a deep transformation and desiring 1:1 coaching with Dr. Nicole. Ready to commit 4-5 hours per week x 5 weeks. 

Standard is women ready to  begin learning about themselves and the unconscious mind. Ready to commit 2-2.5 hours per week x 5 weeks

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YES, accountability, goals, and healing SIGN ME UP! (payment plans & elite options below)

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