The exact method for Mobility Programming  to make you  the go-to coach 

IMAGINE THIS: Your clients bust through plateaus for more PRs, your training roster is full of motivated clients that do not require a pot of coffee to train ☕, AND you have the income to live the life you want. 

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The Go-To coaches in the industry

Stay up to date on research, education, and practical application. And you may have experienced more training does not always equal more income. 

Have long lasting client relationships built on trust and outcomes.

Are part of mentorship and collaboration with other professionals. 

And most importantly, make their desired income to stay in the profession. Did you know 90% of personal trainers leave coaching in the first year and 72% of Crossfit coaches have another full time career?

What if there was an easier way to create more income, be a part of a collaborative community, stay up on education AND get your clients more PRs and training consistency? 

There is! Mobility Mastery Coaching Certification is the fastest way to do just that!

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Most coaches already know having mobility programming for their athletes mean less soreness and more training days which amplifies their performance. 

But did you also know the mobility programming can improve your confidence as a coach including effective cuing, ease developing modifications in programming, build better transitions back to training for your clients post injury? 


Here is the where most coaches get stuck...

Which one do you resonates with the most?  

  • ⏱️ You've tried providing extra programming and couldn't keep it up with the rest of your schedule. And when you can't get sleep, train, or eat healthy because you are working too much it is not worth it! 
  • 📲 You've tried recommending foam rolling, different apps before and they didn't do it - and only later did you realize they needed more direction. 
  • You find yourself saying, "I don't get paid enough for all I do". And when this happens and you have to get another job or miss time with your friends and family, its very stressful! 

And the worst part? You have invested so much time and energy into your coaching to stay up to date with the newest courses and techniques without knowing how to leverage it all to create more revenue and relationships for you AND bigger PRs for your clients.


If you've been coaching for any length of time you already know that when you hear athletes saying "I feel tight all over" or moving poorly that you want to help them do better BUT there are not more hours in the day to take on more classes or sessions.

Coaches like you need a programming system that allows you to truly hear and see your athletes limitations, stop their tightness, and program in less than 30 minutes per month.

Well, that's exactly why I've designed a system that does exactly this.

Introducing ...

Mobility Mastery

The Coaching Certification

Turn your athletes tightness and training plateaus ➡️ PRs and training consistency

Increase your revenue 30% with 30 minutes per month



The Mobility Mastery Method

Get the exact step by step process to test, correct, program, and retest your athletes to PRs and training consistency.

What we'll work on:

  • Choosing the right test
  • How to test interventions
  • Learning Styles and Cueing 
  • Methodology 

Bonus #1: Video Analysis Workbook

Sample video analysis of lifting and running movements + your checkpoints and views broken down to follow step by step with your own clients



Shoulder, Neck, Thoracic Spine, and Wrist

Discover how to go from anatomy principles to training implications to program and test your athletes at a high level.

What we'll learn:

  • Anatomy Principles
  • Training Implications
  • Exercise Library with 100+ correctives
  • Testing Protocols 

Bonus #2: BreathWork Training With Jesse Coomer

75 minute CO2 tolerance education + full guided breathwork session



Lumbar Spine, Hips, Knees, and Ankle/ Foot

From lower body anatomy, snapping hip syndrome, footwear, and full mobility testing and training.

What we'll learn:

  • Anatomy Principles
  • Training Implications
  • Exercise Library with 100+ correctives
  • Testing Protocols 

Bonus #3: Neuroscience Meets Fitness with Alyssa Chang

60 min presentation discovering how eye movement, breath, and posture can change your athletic performance. 



Creating and Implementing Mobility Online Programming 

How to use the detailed joint by joint approach to create full programs with ease on app for your athletes. Fitness modifications + movement training templates. 

What we'll learn:

  • Gain New Range with mobilization, vibration guns, stretching
  • Use New Range
  • Sample Calendars
  • Referral to Other Professionals

Bonus #4: Once per month guest speaker / special topic call

Each month coach Dr. Nicole Woodard and/or a special guest will join you online for a special topic call ONLY for Mobility Mastery students.

Grab Yourself the Shortcut To Become the Go-To Coach.

It’s time to stop running yourself into the ground coaching class, programming, and doing 1:1 (And averaging $20/ hour or less).

It's time to

  • Bring your best energy to your clients
  • Create bigger transformations
  • Earn a wage to keep coaching for life! 
  • LIVE once per month coaching/training call with guest speakers to provide movement coaching and education  Value: $1200

  • Case Studies Weekly for ankles, hips, mid back, shoulders, and wrists to truly assess and program for athletes is located

     Value $1,200

  • Joint Anatomy and Training Implications Ankle to Neck 

    Value: $2400 

  • Shoulder Impingement Mini Module

    Value: $95

  • Hip Impingement Mini Module

    Value $95

  • Sample Mobility Training Templates

    Value: $200

  • Upper and Lower Body Push and Pull Movement Breakdowns and Modifications

    Value: $200

  • Case Studies with each module

    Value: $400

  • 8 Week Mobility Training on our Mobility Athletes Training App

    Value: $1200

  • Implementation From Class to Online Guide

    Value: $200

  • Live Coaching Calls Monthly

        Value: $1,800 

Total value = $8,990

TODAY'S Price = $1,154

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OR as LOW as $199 (6 payments)

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I have added 1/2 my clients to online and my programming is better and more consistent than ever



Your body cure is here! This team is like no other, I know I have all the parts I need now.


Imagine this…

What would your life look like if you doubled your income, how would your coaching expand with more money to invest in education? How much greater would your athletes perform if you had full energy and focus every class…


I mean, can you imagine what you would feel, knowing that you put the right pieces in place to keep your clients training consistently and hitting more PRs and they are excited to work with you and pay for additional programming?


Where would your life be in 3 months, 6 months, a year, if you had a mobility mastery method that you could test, get your clients individualized programming with minimal extra time from you, and achieve their goals faster. 


THIS is what The Mobility Mastery Method can do for you.

How would coaching be different if you could…

brain_1f9e0-150x150.png Know EXACTLY what to program to help your athletes stop tightness and training plateaus AND MOVE BETTER! 


light-bulb_1f4a1-150x150.pngQUICKLY create individualized programming for them online to perform outside of your training session or class workouts.


clipboard_1f4cb-150x150.png Stop looking for more jobs or ambassadorships to increase your revenue when you have athletes that need your expertise and want to to work with you! 


mobile-phone-with-arrow_1f4f2-150x150.png No longer wonder, “how can I make more money and keep pursuing my passion for coaching?” 


smiling-face-with-sunglasses_1f60e-150x150.pngBecome THE coach that everyone is requesting to work with and your training session and classes are full. Your DM’s are full of message “I hit another PR,” “I have never felt better” 

If you are like most coaches…

You are doing everything. You are teaching class, having private 1:1 sessions, recommending extra accessory work like foam rolling and vibration guns and pull up progressions and you are not making the income you need or getting athletes the results they want

…Or maybe you are frustrated with constantly hearing athletes daily greeting  “I’m so sore”

And right now, you’re wondering how much longer you can continue showing up without a strategy to get consistent results and income, 

You need a reliable, research based way to program for athletes that turns tightness and training plateaus into PRs and training consistency WITH more time and income for you.

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Actually leave the over worked/ underpaid coach behind with ... 

What if there was an easier way to create more income for your coaching AND get your clients more PRs and training consistency too? 

There is! Mobility Mastery Coaching Certification is the fastest way to do just that!

It’s time to stop running yourself into the ground coaching class, programming, and doing 1:1 (And averaging $20/ hour or less). It's time to

  • Bring your best energy to your clients
  • Create bigger transformations
  • Earn a wage to keep coaching for life! 

Enroll today for as low at $198 (4 payments) and get instant access plus epic bonuses.


Don't trust me "just because".

I'm bringing real experience and real results.

  •  I don’t just teach this; I actually use it in my own business. I have been running a hybrid in person physical therapy and online mobility mastery businesses for 5+ years, working with over 14 athletes at the 2021 Crossfit Games, Elite Boston Marathon Runners, and Ironman World Qualifiers. I am giving you something that is backed by research and works with ALL LEVELS OF ATHLETES newbies to elite! 


  •  I’m a doctor of physical therapy, which means I look at movement through the lens of anatomy, flexibility, stability, and strength. I infuse this into the way that I approach athlete programming — from the testing I choose to the exercise programmed and the order the workouts are created! 


  •  I’ve helped thousands of athletes,  of all levels stop tightness, move better, and hit PRs in running, lifting, and gymnastics. AND we have helped coaches and trainers do the same for their clients! 


  •  I don’t do random workouts and exercise recommendations!  Over the years, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars and many hours, studying human movement, and no one is teaching the type of business model integration for mobility I am teaching here. Most mobility programs I’ve been through provide templates and sample exercises or testing to identify deficits but lacking in the movement strategy set up to get clients actually performing better AND no one is teaching you how as a coach to grow your hybrid business in service of your clients by programming mobilit

Hey I'm Nicole, the owner of Mobility Athletes!


Even though today I am a podcast host,  Mobility Athletes Radio, with 100+ episodes, have generated multiple 5 figures months in online  training, worked with athletes at the Crossfit Games and Semifinals, managed a triathlon team, and have just about tested it all —

— Back in 2015, I was standing at the starting line, working a full time job that took me away from my family in the early morning and late nights. I was exhausted and trying to learn how to make a bigger impact, make more revenue with less time, and truly change athletes lives.

I thought working in a gym would fix everything.


But before I understood the principles of movement and mobility that I infuse into my programming and coaching today, I was investing hours every day cueing the same movement faults, watching the same injuries happen, and living the same tired, run down life!

That’s exactly why I created Mobility Mastery Method where I share my step-by-step methodology that I’ve developed, tested, and refined over the last 10+ years! 

We are the Mobility Athletes Team. 


Together, we have developed the movement and safety you need in your workouts with the performance you crave for incredible results that put you at the top of your game.


Our team has been working with athletes just like you for combined 25 years of experience, over 1,500 athletes, and lots of certifications. As high-level coaches and physical therapists, our true passion is teaching you how to SCREEN your movement and your body and to DEVELOP the custom, no bullsh*t flexibility and movement improvements that will take your performance to the next level. 


We promise that you CAN do this.

And the best part is…? You don’t have to take our word for it. 

Do the work, and if you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, we’ll give you a full refund.

That means you can enroll today, and take a firstl 30 days to explore the materials and bonuses, and experience  of Mobility Mastery Certification, and then make a life-changing decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.


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